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RM2K3 Resources

A selection of resources to use in your games!

This is where you can find some cool looking resources to use in your very own games. All of the site's resources are listed here, each one sorted into it's own category. The resources are in zipped folders, in collections. To download, just click the collection name.
We don't have too much at the moment, only about 60 resources all up, but more are coming, I am posting up the Chipset, Panorama, Game Over and Monster and Animation collections within the next day or two. (I have a dial up collection)
Meanwhile, enjoy the wonderful resources we have that can make your game unique.

BattleCharset Collection

A collection of about 16 custom battle characters to represent your heroes in battle. Mages, Knights, Thieves and many more are included with multiple attack poses and individual status poses.

BattleWeapon Collection

A collection of cool looking weapons for your heroes to take into battle. Contains many good looking styles of swords, spears, staves, axes, whips and more.

Charset Collection

A collection of nice Charsets to match the heroes in the Battlechar Collection, plus a healthy number of other characters to serve as NPCs, shopkeepers, kings, soldiers and anything you please.

Backdrop Collection

A collection of about 20 files that can be used as battle backgrounds for your most epic boss fights or your simple random battles. You get temples, caves, plains, forests, dungeons and many more.

Systems 1 and 2 Collection

A collection of many custom System (textbox) skins to give your RPG a unique look, plus a small selection of System 2 (battle) skins to make your battles share the uniqueness.

Legion - Battle Theme

Legion - For Everything (Boss Theme)

Legion - Congratulations (Victory Theme)

Legion - Chaos Edge (Final Boss Theme)

Legion - Journey (World Map Theme)

Legion - Sorrow (Game Over)

"If you create the world, others can experience it."