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Rm2k3 Games

We love to play RPGs. Here is a selection of RPGs made with RM2k3

We all love to play RPGs. And sometimes it's good to play the Rm2k3 games of others to learn new ways of RMing. These are the games currently available on Gaia's Realm.

Remember, you can submit your own too! 

To download a game, just click on it's name.


Rm2k3 Games



Tales Of Worlds

Developed by: Dark Gaia
Rating: 8/10
Type: Full Game
Dark Gaia's first Tales Of Worlds game has already been downloaded over 500 times since it's been released a month ago, and has been reeling in some great reviews, and for good reason.
It's a lighthearted, nostalgic, well made RTP adventure with innovative features, engaging characters and an outstanding storyline.
All up, there is about 20 hours of gameplay here.
And, a note to the unwary: this game is VERY slow in the first area, due to the character's low Agility at level 1. But, persevere and get past this and you'll be drawn into an epic and well made adventure.

Tales Of Worlds 2:Mercerius Terminus

Developed By: Dark Gaia
Rating: 9.5/10
Type: Playable Demo
This is the demo of Dark Gaia's sequel to Tales Of Worlds, currently under development. Tales of Worlds 2 has generated a lot of interest because of it's new features, such as a Job Mastery System and an AP Based Tech Research system. There's even a whole language with it's own grammar, systax and word structure to learn!
The game features a much darker tone and a more mysterious storyline this time, along with more serious and atmospheric graphics.
This demo has about an hour to an hour and a half of gameplay, allowing yuo to explore half of the game's first continent.


Developed By: Jaymonius
Rating: 7/10
Type: Full Game
The first in the Phantasia series by Jaymonius. This game is a lighthearted adventure very reminscant of the original Final Fantasy. The game uses RTP graphics, and the maps are a bit bland, but the gameplay is well structured and the game is well presented, despite suffering a few grammatical errors in the dialogue.
Overall, you can expect about 25 hours of gameplay here.

Phantasia 2

Developed by: Jaymonius
Rating: 8/10
Type: Full Game
This Jaymonius's sequel to Phantasia 2, which he made when he got a lot more experienced in RMing. It has better, custom graphics this time around, and new, completely original story, more characters and a new skill learning system, the Magic Craft System.
The game has a lot more character involvment, though unfortuantely still suffers the same dialogue flaws as the first game. It is, however, well presented and easy to play.
It is shorter than the first game, though, with about 18 hours of gameplay here.

Phantasia 3

Developed By: Jaymonius
Rating: 9/10
Type: Full Game
The latest game in Jaymonius's Phantasia series, and probably the best of the three. This game features a new story, cast, world, the return of the Magic Craft system, a new Influence system, and improved dialogue. (Finally!)
One of the game's stand out features is a 50 floor deep optional dungeon which you can tackle, ending with a superhard boss.
With a solid story and many sidequests such as that, this game has about 30 hours of gameplay.

Dragon Heart

Developed By: Dragonheartman
Rating: 10/10
Type: Playable Demo
This is the current demo of Dragonheartman's epic Dragon Heart. This game features fantastic custom graphics, a very complex story with emphasis on character development, a modified battle system and a very cool Final Fantasy VII style skill learning system, along with many more innovative features and nice touches.
This is definately one to check out, as the demo features about 4 hours of gameplay in the story alone, plus numerous sidequests such as monster hunting.

Ara Fell: The Legend of Dirisetsu Hollow

Developed By: BadLuck
Rating: 8.5/10
Type: Full Game
A very nice looking game by BadLuck, filled with attractive custom graphics and taking place on some of the most alive looking and best constructed maps ever seen in Rm2k3.
It also includes a modified battle system, a custom menu system, and a cute, non serious storyline with a cute red haired girl as the lead.
You'll fight vampires, sneak through castles and fly like a bird through the vast world of Ara Fell, which holds over 18 hours of gameplay and numerous sidequests.


Developed By: Trance2
Rating: 8/10
Type: Playable Demo
(This game requires you to have WinRar installed to open it. You can get a free version of Winrar by typing "WinRar download" into google)
An eagerly awaited demo of Trance2's epic adventure Sagawind. Features include a relationship system, day/night and date system, and a whole language that must be learned, like in Final Fantasy X.
Sagawind has functional graphics, though a bit blander than some other games, but overall, Trance2 has a good game coming along here.
Check this game out and join Princess Vera on her quest across Sagawind today. The demo features about an hour of gameplay.

Balmung Cycle

Developed By: Magi
Rating: 10/10
Type: Full Game
Magi's game Balmung Cycle is well known throughout the Rm2k3 community. It features a fast paced storyline, very good custom graphics, an entirely custom made soundtrack, and many cool features such as an award winning battle system, and a dueling game.
Despite the fact the Balmung is a very well made game, it is not as long as one would expect, finishable in only 9 hours.

"If you create the world, others can experience it."