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Share your stuff with Rmers around the globe

Got a killer resource, tutorial or even an epic new game to share? You can, via this page, submit content to Gaia's Realm.

To submit: Simply compress your contribution into a .zip or .rar file, and email it to me via the link below. If it's good enough, I may just include it on the site for all to see.
Guidelines and Conditions: You must abide by these to have your content on Gaia's Realm.
1. It must be made by you, not someone else. if it is someone else's work, you must have their permission to submit it.
2. Your content must actually work. If it is a resource, it must be usable in RM2k3, if it's a tutorial, your script must be tested for reliability, and if you are submitting a game, make sure it includes all the resources and files it needs to run. Don't upload gamedisk executables. Simply your project folder with required resources will do.
3. The content must not, in any way, be offensive, racist or any other form of offensive.
4. The content must be in .zip or.rar folder.

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"If you create the world, others can experience it."